Sinemet and Parkinsons


My question, I guess, is in finding a balance.  I was  dx with PD in 1998 and in 2000 had a horrible bout with head/neck cancer after which the PD drugs nearly killed me.  But I recovered and sought PD Recovery as well.  But back in 2005 when I found the Parkinson’s Recovery program I was warned, do not attempt to recover from PD if you have EVER taken Sinemet, which I now have for 11 years.

I am still doing whatever alternative Rx I can, and now am in the position of being under consideration for Deep Brain Stimulation.  I also have 6 more years of long term disability insurance which I have to justify with an annual exam and report.  So my question is, where do I start?  Where do I find guidance that doesn’t cost too much?  My husband is retired and I am living on disability.



The one factor that will spin us all into a state of imbalance is negative thought forms. Your question actually centers on thought forms. To rephrase your your question:

How can I maintain positive thoughts about my recovery?

That of course is the challenge for everybody in a body. We all carry negative thoughts in our heads moment to moment.  To illustrate what we all do to ourselves, you write in your question:

“I was warned do not attempt to recover from PD…”

Hum … you have encoded that warning into the cellular structure of your brain. Permit me to add a few additional “warnings” to illustrate how harmful this thinking is to your body:

“I was warned do not attempt to recover from depression.”

“I was warned do not attempt to recover from the flu.”

“I was warned do not attempt to recover from grief.”

Recovery is possible only when we know it in our heads and our hearts. Negative thoughts obstruct the process.

You ask, where do I find guidance? The answer is quite simple: listen to your own guidance. Your body knows the answers. We all get guidance – intuitive hits – about what we need to do for ourselves. Act on what you know from your heart that you need to do for yourself. Guidance is free.

I have identified more than forty options and therapies give people with Parkinsons significant relief from their symptoms. They are discussed on the radio shows. You can listen through the computer for free. You can also  download all of the previous programs for free.

Access the radio program by clicking on the icon to the right that says “Listen to Blog Talk Radio” or click on this link to Blog Talk Radio.

Many of these options I have identified do not cost a cent. On the program this week Daniel Loney talks about Tai Chi. You can start doing Tai Chi today.  Many free classes are offered in most cities and towns across the world.

In summary, you do not have to spend a cent to begin recovering today. Do that by challenging your negative thinking moment to moment. Listen to my radio program tomorrow (December 3rd) with Daniel Loney and you will get the drift of what I am suggesting.

Many blessings,

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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