Story of Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease by Detoxing Lead, Arsenic and Mercury

Joan has given me permission to post this most remarkable story about her recent recovery.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Hello Robert,

It has been a while since we communicated but with reasons. Shortly after you were here in Lexington, I went somewhere into a tremendous panic situation finally diagnosed as “Panic Disorder”. As usual, I wanted NO DRUGS and it took a bit to locate natural products to manage and stop this thing! It was not a kind place to be and it took a grave toll on me. So………I got SERIOUS! I wanted NO MORE OF THIS AND NO MORE PARKINSON’S DISEASE!

I searched for and found a Medical Doctor who practiced natural therapies……yes “cures” and “recoveries”! Thank God he is only a short 30-minute drive from me in a lovely small town called Midway, Kentucky. His clinic is Midway Center for Integrative Medicine, 129 Winter Street, . He has helped me, Robert!

I went to him with HOPE and came away with real facts for recovery. He diagnosed me  with LEAD, ARSENIC, AND MERCURY poisoning in my whole nervous system from simple blood tests and I am NOW ON MY WAY TO RECOVERY!! When I said to him,

“You mean I do not have Parkinsons?!!”

His reply was direct and loaded with impact! His reply,

“Don’t put a label on it!”

He placed me on a full detox program with nutritional supplements to increase my health that had been so damaged by doctors who only treated my SYMPTOMS and never the CAUSE!! I have seen seven neurologists in seven years of dealing with this horrid “disease” who all ended up with the same position. MRI, Cat Scan, and diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. When I finally asked the last one at the University of Kentucky Neurological Institute to do a toxicology test, she refused saying it would do no good because I have the disease. THIS IS SAD!! So many people……..such a dastardly disease……….and with doctors who won’t even TRY to step outside their boxes of comfort and paychecks!!

On March 23 I went to Dr. Roach the first time. He did blood work and diagnosed the CAUSE of my nervous system that was a mess from being attacked by poisons. He started me on certain few supplements ahead of getting the results back from the Lab and I began to FEEL BETTER inside a week! Just FEELING BETTER increased my HOPE and my TRUST in a Doctor was finally beginning to grow. See the comparisons listed here in less than two months recovery!!!


• wheelchair bound and I was seriously considering a nursing home
• basic frozen body, total weakness, inability to move at all most times
• severe toes spasms and cramps
• tremors so massive my body, at times, would violently shake to almost injury
• slurred speech and drooling
• unable to stand or walk beyond 10 feet
• been to emergency room for panic attacks and inability to move while standing
three times since September 2009
• disinterest, not able to even go to Christmas with my family
• all the other stuff that goes along with this “disease’


•  No wheelchair since April 20! Though for very long days I take it in case of need
• freezing gone……….some minor feelings come and go throughout the day and
getting better; toes improved 60%; mild weakness
• tremors down to ZERO!
• No slurred speech; no drooling
• I walk everywhere……….even though it is often painful and at times I have to sit a
bit longer than I want to give my body time of recovery from the minor freezes
• on my first visit, Dr Roach told me (on my 3rd visit) that he thought my IQ was
really low………but on this 3rd visit April 20, he said my brain is “just fine!’


Robert, he says 6 months to two years should see me recovered! I WILL TAKE THIS DIAGNOSIS ANY DAY!!


16 thoughts on “Story of Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease by Detoxing Lead, Arsenic and Mercury

  1. I have just been diagnosed with parkinson’s and the doctors say it has no cure.I have studied what different people say out there about this condition and i believe the body can be equiped with the right nutrients to heal itself. Am I out of my mind when i imagine this? Can it actually be cured?

  2. My mum has been diagosed with parkinson a while ago, she was 55 and symptoms of parkinson weren’t that developed. However, doctors said it was parkinson and started treating her for parkinson. Those medications have done really bad for her, she can’t walk right, she’s tired all the time and it’s all like you mentioned. Now she’s being analyzed by a different doctor with “magnetic bioresonance method” and he said that she doesn’t have parkinson and that she’s poisoned with arsenik. She’s going to do the blood studies for that this week, I hope it is that. I wanted to know what advice would you give to someone who has been taking pills according to parkinson. I mean, has her body got used to it? can she stop taking the pills now? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Argentina.

  3. My husband has Parkinson’s since 2012 and has been told he has Lewybody dementia a form of PD and Alzheimer disease he has very bad hallucinations which he is taking a hallucination pill he also is taking dilantin and Clobazam because he was having seizures which hopefully is under control what I am wondering would taking the metal blood test for poisonous toxins help with this Lewybody dementia?

  4. Hi:

    Of course any diagnostic assessment may reveal issues. It is highly likely that toxins are an issue for your husband. One challenge with using blood tests to identify toxins is that the toxins do not typically remain in the blood for much longer than 48 hours. Analysis of hair samples or saliva can sometimes reveal results that blood tests do not pick up.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  5. I am currently doing mercury chelation now, and found this site after looking for more mercury recovery stories. I agree with the last poster in that getting an accurate assessment of your heavy metal toxicity is not straight forward. Blood tests are will only show recent exposure, and any heavy metals for past years will be locked up in body organs. The best way is with a challenge test then analyzing the urine or Hair Analysis. With hair analysis just because you do not see high metal amounts does not mean the person does not have a problem as once they could be a poor excretor. As more people are getting their dna tested researchers are finding patterns with gene mutations that a subsets of the population have that are correlating to specific health issues or low levels of key enzymes.

    In my case my hair test did not show high levels of mercury but so many of my health issues over the years match the pattern of other people on the web who have. My hair test was unusual in that many minerals were not detected which some specialists feel indicates a problem due to mercury. I am doing low dose ALA/DMSA protocol and so far am noticing benefits but too early to say if its the holy grail for my health. For anyone with parkinsons thinking of doing chelation it is highly advised to get your silver/mercury amalgams removed (properly) first. There is plenty of info on the web and that is one of the beauties of the web in that it allows people to learn more without having to rely on lazy narrow minded short sighted doctors (there are good ones out there). When I inquired about possible heavy metal issues many years back I was dismissed because I was not suffering acute falling down & throwing up poisoning symptoms. A metal like mercury is insidious and can have systemic health effects that often build up slowly over time, with a doctor usually just treating symptoms as individual conditions.

    One of the

  6. Thanks for information about Parkinson’s disease it is really nice to think there is hope to recover my mum suffered nearly 1year

  7. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 3 yrs. ago. My body was ravaged by this diagnosis and I was unable to walk, eat ,dress myself or perform any ADL’s normally in a person of 57 yrs. old. I am now in an assisted living facility in an environment which has almost “cured me”. The explanation for this was intensive therapies in a skilled nursing home, It has taken a well-balanced diet, I weighed 147 lb. Christmas of ’14 and ended up 6 months later weighed only 98 lbs. I was dying.Staff said my attitude was so positive that they’d never seen a pt. progress so quickly. I attribute this to the fact that before I put my feet on the floor when I struggle to get up each day that, I praise God for my drive and conviction and dedication to be well so I might be better able to be a light of God to help and to have a light to shine on my new friends a positive attitude helping to them strengh and a positive attitude also.

  8. You should have mentioned the complete course of action how your doc paved way to recovery. Now my dilemma: I am 42 . I was diagnosed with the most debilitating Parkinson Disease nearly 6years and 6months back on right side(leg and arm). 28 months ago my Thalamotomy was done which proved least successful. The tremors then shifted to Left side with more intensity and Right side lost its coordination. Now I can’t speak and walk properly, Imbalance in movements/gait has been created. Eye sight is becoming weaker with squint being more prominent. I have got lesser control problem of urination and faeces. Neither can I brush teeth nor sit comfortably. Doctors say that I am suitable candidate for DBS. But I am afraid of this type of surgery!
    Should I go for it or… What about stem cells therapy option??
    Or I need to get tested about the level of toxicity of heavy metals in my body?

  9. Scott,
    The information you posted was very interesting. I am currently working with a woman who is undergoing a similar protocol. I would be interested in talking to you about your experience and sharing information. Please email me if you are interested.
    Thank you

  10. Scott, I read your post interestingly. Could you please share youe detox / chelation protocol? Thank you.

  11. I have been told after 3 years of all kinds of tests and screenings, that most probably an atypical form of Parkinsons. I don’t react to Dopamin at all. Has anyone have good experience with Bioresonance ?

  12. Well. I was diagnosed with Parkinnson’s at the age 29. Now I am 44, i still hope for a cure. Finally Insha Allah (God Wiling) I am on my way to cure. I have been praying to Allah over last few days. He showed me the way. I have heard about this Mercury Fillings causing nervous system diseases. Only lsat night I removed three mercury based tooth fillings. I had three which i got sometime in 1998 or 1999 just 3 years before i first experienced PD symptoms. what happened after the fillings removed? This morning I took my usual madopra 250 tablet at 0430 after which usually within half hour I get normal. Tha’ts just for 2 hours. But today after two hours of taking the medication I was not normal. so I took another tablet. I became ok in a few mins. I have no doubt Allah has led me to the cure. thanks for reading. wait for me i will be back with good news, Insha Alllah

  13. How can I contact Joan to check how is she doing nowadays? I’m planning to do same protocol but that clinic she used is in KY, too far from California where I live.

  14. Hello!! How can I contact Joan to know how she is doing at present. I am planning take treatment for my dad who is suffering from Parkinsons.

  15. What kind of doctor do I need to see that will test for heavy metal toxicity? My family practitioner nor the neurologist has suggested such a test.

  16. Hi:

    Naturopath doctors (ND) are usually excellent resources who have
    ways to test for heavy metal toxins. Some use an analysis of hair. Others
    use bioenergetic testing. Still others rely on muscle testing.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
    Olympia Washington

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