Tai Chi and Parkinson’s Disease

The inspirational e-mail posted below was sent by Danny Loney who will be offering free Tai Chi workshops on the Parkinsons Recovery Cruise to Alaska which departs from Seattle on May 3, 2010. For further information about the 7 day cruise to Alaska, visit: http://www.parkinsonsdisease.me/alaska.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Hi Robert,

This past week concluded the conference of the Israel Parkinson’s  Association held at the Dead Sea.  I spent most of the last night of the conference laying in my bed with tears in my eyes as I thought  about the experiences that I had encountered over the previous four days.  For me personally, it was emotionally overwhelming as I did not expect to experience such an outpouring of warmth, acceptance, and love.  Most of the participants I had known from past conferences and other Parkinson’s events, but this time I was able to connect to others and get to know them in a very personal way.  I felt like a lost puppy that had found a warm and accepting home.

I was amazed at the many compliments that I received from my tai chi workshops and felt a bit uncomfortable with all of the attention.  There is a tremendous amount of creative talent in our Parkinson’s Association, whether it be paintings, woodwork, organizational skills, poems, music, counseling, or just a word of encouragement and a warm smile.  And I am only one of many who want to make a contribution; a guy with Parkinson’s trying to help a few other people with Parkinson’s  improve the quality of their lives.


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