This May Be a Little Premature But …

This may be a little premature but I am so excited I had to write you. First of all I want to thank you for your dedication in helping so many people out there with Parkinsons or should I say people with Parkinsons like symptoms. You truly are an angel.

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons about 13 years ago and have been struggling with this awful disease since. I am a nurse and had to leave my job about a year ago. I have done every alternative Rx you could think of. I started listening to your radio show over a year ago and even attended your jump start program in 2009. So I have had the pleasure in meeting you. My symptoms started getting worse and the medication Sinemet was not helping – leaving me very fatigued and not able to walk across the room without assistance.

Then about a week my husband saw a old friend and he purchased some honey and bee pollen from him. I might add this guy is a bee keeper and has his own honey and pollen. Well I started taken a spoon full of pollen with a spoon of his honey and I swear I felt a little better the next day, so I have been faithfully take a spoon of each every morning and feel it given me a lot more energy.

Then I came across your interview with Cheryl which was a blessing. I really believe God put us in the places we need to be at the right time and we all need to tune into our higher self. Listening to Cheryl’s story really interested me because her story sounded a lot like mine. I actually called in and spoke with her. I was the last caller Rose.

I immediately called the Parkinsons Resource Center and talked to Ms Rosen and she got back with me. Since I live in Maryland she suggested I see Dr Branden Stack in VA. And as it turns out he is the Guru of this treatment. I made an appointment and saw him today.

OMG, after his examination he told me my jaw was grossly out of alignment – he stated 1 inch – and immediately gave me an order to get a mri which I immediately went next door and tried to get it done on the same day but could not. I have to wait and get it done tomorrow afternoon. Dr Stack says he can help me.

So I know it is a little premature, but I have a gut feeling this is my answer to getting my life back as Cheryl so summed it up in those words. I will keep in touch and let you know my progress. Like I said my mri is tomorrow and my TMJ might have to be corrected with TMJ surgery which is minor. When I think of all the years and all the money I wasted, although I take that back, this was a learning experience and I am truly a different person today because of it. THANK YOU ROBERT.


2 thoughts on “This May Be a Little Premature But …

  1. Rose
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Honey
    It happen 7 years ago
    I hope it still working

  2. So what’s happening with you now? I’d like to hear more of the TMJ surgery thank you.

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