Total Recovery from Parkinson’s


In your travels you have ever met an individual who has “totally recovered from Parkinsons Disease”?


I am not quite sure what it would mean to be “totally recovered” from Parkinson’s. I do know people who are symptom free.

John Coleman, a naturopath doctor, is symptom free today. He does not describe himself as “fully recovered” and regularly adheres to his own health program. He sees recovery as a life time process which has
no definitive ending point. The process ends when we die.

Nathan is also symptom free after engaging in a very focused two year program of recovery. I have interviewed both individuals. You can hear their interviews on the Parkinsons Recovery member website. Their stories of recovery are both fascinating and very different from one another.

 John Coleman reports on evidence of 5 other people he has worked with who are symptom free today.

Many people I talk with are holding steady (i,e. not getting worse). An impressive body of evidence comes from people who are getting steady relief from their symptoms. In other words, instead of getting worse, they are getting better little by little.

If anyone reading this falls into the category of symptom free, please contact me. I would love to interview you!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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