What Exercises are Suitable for a Mobile Person with Parkinson’s?


John Coleman, ND, has exercises for those who
have limited mobility and for those who are a bit
mobile. He has about 15 pages of exercises in his
book Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’.

Which ones are suitable for a mobile person and
how many or how long should a mobile person


I asked Dr. John Coleman this question. Here is
his answer: 

“Mobile people need to exercise to the extent of
their ability without causing exhaustion. All the
exercises in the book are suitable, plus walking,
swimming, cycling, Pilates, Yoga, light weights,
NIA (dance exercise), etc. She needs to set
goals with regard to her strength and flexibility,
and see an improvement each month. If not,
she can up the ante and increase her exercise.”

“If she finds any particular movement difficult,
then that is the one to practice the most. The
harder it is, the more we practice it.”

“You may want to check out 
and see if this is your cup of tea.”

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery 

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