What is the Key to Recovery?

What follows is an email I received from Linda, a reader of the Parkinsons Recovery newsletter where I post my current thinking about a key to recovery that is helpful for healing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In my most recent newsletter, I suggested it was helpful to simply forget about the fact you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. As you will read below. Linda found that suggestion helpful.

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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

Thank you so much for sharing this information with others. It will be very helpful, I am sure. In my case, and at this time in my life, and  with the kind of PD condition that I have, what you are saying is what I believe to be true as well.

Just forgetting about this condition, not giving it power, being as positive, and  getting on with my life works for me. And (touch wood) I am going into my 13th year, diagnosed in 1998 (some symptoms before that) of having symptoms of PD. I do realize that every PD case is different, and that my case may be quite simple compared to that of others. I can only report from where I am in this condition.

When I travel from BC to visit  family and friends in Ontario, they ask me how I am  doing with Parkinson’s. I just say I really do not give it much thought. And other than my most noticeable symptom, a tremor being obvious at times, some folks do not even ask.

A new couple who moved into my building six months ago, said that they heard that I had PD and if it were true? Here again I  could have  built a real sympathetic case around this situation, because they looked so sad when they asked me. However, I said, yes, I do have symptoms of PD but I am OK. Putting a positive spin on  my response helps me and also gives PD less power.

I just returned from my yearly visit to my neurologist at U of BC. He says that I am doing very well. He said to keep on doing whatever it is that I am doing, and did not prescribe any more drugs nor increase my dosages.

I take Axilect, the drug touted as “one that slows the progression of PD “. I also take 100 mg of Sinemet 5x a day, a surprisingly low dosage. So meds at this time are “helping” for sure.

My goal for the future, although a big one, is to heal myself of this condition. I have a good feeling about being successful in attaining this goal. I plan to follow the procedure or recipe  of those who have been successful in  doing so.

Until then, I will continue to be  active, lead a  healthy lifestyle, stay involved in life, keep a positive attitude and push faithfully forward to the day when I will  experience  complete recovery.

Thank you for passing on your very important message, about the Power and Results of being Positive, to your readers.


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