Zeolite and Parkinson’s


Congratulations on finishing your book and thank you for making this available to those who are in need of help with the “charms” of PD.

It has been 14 months since I was diagnosed and I shared this news with you when it was confirmed. My journey has made me try mirapex for l0 months which made me feel worse than the symptoms I had at the time mainly the fatigue.  I stopped the mirapex three weeks ago and started amantadiine twice a day since then.  I feel better being off of mirapex but I do not feel normal.  The fatigue has lifted somewhat, I can stay up  longer hours however I am still slow in movement, bad handwriting, constipation, mask, left leg trembles at times, back pain when I walk.   I do eat a healthy diet and keep a good attitude most of the time.  I still drive a car but just locally, no long trips.  I challenge my brain with reading, scrabble games, chess games and going out to lunch often.

My sister bought me some “Zeolite” to try to see if it will help me.  I read some good things about it so far on the internet.  It makes sense to me the reasoning to cleanse the body of toxins so that the body is enabled to heal itself.  Your outline of your researched book makes ablot of sense to me and made the lightbulb in my head turn on!!! I am going to try the Zeolite starting Monday morning taking it in a glass of water three times a day dropping 10 drops of it each time. If you have any feedback you can share with me on Zeolite, I would appreciate it.



It is wonderful to hear from you and to learn more about your journey back to health.

Zeolite was highly recommended as a detox by one doctor I interviewed, Lyn Hanshew, MD which I discuss in Road to Recovery. Dr. Hanshew is convinced it will make a big difference to the symptoms of Parkinsons. Let me know the result if you decide to start using it. I have not interviewed anyone with Parkinsons who has given me any feedback on the effects of Zeolite on Parkinsons symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. I would like to ask the person who used or os using zeolite for her Parkinson if it helped her , if she had any secondary effects or any complications with the use of it. Any recomendations will be very much appreciated. My father has Parkinson and was advised to start on Zeolite

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