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Best Therapies for Parkinson’s Cost Little to Nothing

Many people I talk with these days believe that the only way to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is to spend a lot of money year after year. I have always held the opposite belief. As I see it – the best therapies for Parkinson’s cost little to nothing.

Need some evidence to support my belief? Listen to my radio show interview today with the internationally famous Dr. David Berceli who discusses how a little shaking now than then can do a world of good for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Robin Williams, Depression and Parkinson’s Disease

The wife of Robin Williams revealed today that he had Parkinson’s disease. The news of a Parkinson’s diagnosis sends most people into a tail spin. Engaging a willingness to live
when confronted with this type of news is a herculean task for most people.

Robin Williams was already prone to depression. He had struggled with drug addiction issues his entire life. Hearing the news that he had Parkinson’s disease may have struck the final blow to his interest in living on this earth.

I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of persons who have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Without exception, everyone is devastated. They fear the worst. They foresee no hope of healing. Most people quickly hear that the condition is “degenerative” and prospects for recovery are nill.

No wonder people get so depressed with the news of a Parkinson’s diagnosis! No wonder
such news might well have been the final blow for Robin Williams.

I am immensely saddened if my speculation above is true about the trigger for his Robin
william’s death. Why? My research on Parkinson’s over the past decade reveals that Parkinson’s symptoms are indeed reversible. The condition is not “degenerative” or “progressive.”

This is what most people believe. My research shows it is not true.

  • First, a majority of persons who have been diagnosed with Parkinson”s disease probably have something else – toxins perhaps, bacteria perhaps, trauma perhaps – or perhaps a combination of all three.
  • Second, there are dozens of therapies and treatments that help people reverse  Parkinson’s symptoms. Once a person identifies the primary factor that causes the symptoms they can find a therapy that will help heal the condition.

The search for a cause is not simple. The pursuit of successful therapies does not promise a simple fix. But, a little patience, a great deal of focus and a clear determination
to heal are the magical combination that helps people reclaim their lives.

The world has lost a talent and a spirit that can never be replaced. To prevent such a tragedy from happening to others, please spread the word that Parkinson’s is not degenerative or progressive. It is only through thinking it is that the expectation becomes true.

The body really does know how to heal itself. I only wish Robin Williams had known this last week.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

Newly Diagnosed with Parkinsons Three Months Ago

I am Australian female, almost 64 years old, newly diagnosed with mild Parkinsons three months ago. I am not taking any medication at the moment, and going down the  path of natural therapies. Thank you for all your assistance and wonderful website and to John Coleman of Australia for his advice.   Several weeks, I saw my neurologist for the second time.  He did some muscle and reflex etc tests and then told me that he was revising his diagnosis.  He was split 50/50 between Parkinsons and Atypical Essential Tremor.  Any suggestions, assistance, advice, info would be greatly appreciated.  I plan on seeing another neurologist in due course. 

Cheers and thanks



Sounds like the opportunities to explore various options are wide open for you. Hooray! It also sounds like you are doing a thorough job investigating the options that are available through neurologists.

I suggest that in addition to the solid course of action you have already charted for yourself, consider broadening your search to consider other options. My research has identified a surprising number of options that are helping people with Parkinson’s symptoms reverse their symptoms.

For starters, you might consider listening to some of the radio shows I have aired over the past three years. I have hosted an amazing  selection of guests who report on a variety of options that are helping people recover.

The radio show website is:

You are already connected with Australian Naturopath John Coleman who is an amazing resource. I have interviewed two other Australians who are art therapists that work  with persons with Parkinsons: Nancy Tingey and Anne Atkin. Both are also incredible resources who are available in Australia. Be sure to listen to their radio shows as well. You just have to just keep scrolling back on the radio show page until you locate their show.

Also, I would suggest that you listen to the clips from the Pioneers of Recovery website ( which features a book that describes the recovery of persons with Parkinson’s symptoms. (All of the pioneers were guests on my radio show at one time or another).

Each pioneer found a different approach which worked for them. We do know that what works for one person may well not work for another. Each person’s situation is truly unique. It is energyzing to listen to the clips from the radio shows because they will infuse you with a determination to continue on your journey of recovery. Other people figured it out. So can you!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery