Treatment Protocols for Parkinson’s


Do you have any testimonials from individuals that have recovered from PD using your protocol? Why aren’t  you on Larry King or Oprah?

Without validity, your claims are the same as other people. Where are the recovered people?

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Thanks so much for your questions. I do not have a “protocol” that I advocate. I am a researcher gathering information from people who are recovering from Parkinson’s.
I do not make any claims to be sure about any approach or remedy or treatment, though many people I interview or who are on my radio program give testimonials about what they are doing to feel a lot better.
I believe the causes of Parkinsons are multifaceted, so different treatments will help depending on the persons individual situation. Let me know if there is a “claim”  that I have made or written about. I will need to revisit that writing and clarify the presentation. 
The first round of field research is reported in Pioneers of Recovery ( Two of the people I interview in the book have recovered fully. Others are on the road to recovery. The Pioneers talk about what they are doing to get relief from their symptoms.   
I am determined to do a study of 100 persons to track holistic approaches to healing the symptoms of Parkinsons. I totally agree with you that it is important to present evidence that treatments or approaches are effective. That is the road I am taking with my research. 
I just released Five Steps to Recovery ( which is all about thoughts and how they help or obstruct healing. Again,there is no protocol here, just support to people  who want to sustain positive thinking about their recovery.
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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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