12 Steps to Recovery

On my radio program this week I interview John Coleman, ND. John is a naturopath doctor from Australia who was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Parkinson’s in 1995, but is symptom free today.  John sponsors a 12 step recovery program for people interested in finding ways to get relief from their symptoms.

Below are the eight questions that I will ask John during the interview Thursday.

1. I live in Brazil and my mother, 81 years old, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson´s Disease. She has Polycythemia Vera too. I would like to know if I can give her B2 Vitamin (riboflavin), 20mg/three times daily,
with no risk of increase her hematocrit (actual level is 46).

2. My wife has been slightly anemic for over 5 years, just after she was afflicted with PD. Her hemoglobin, iron content and  % saturation have been all below the minimum recommended range, despite valiant efforts to increase it, like taking iron pills and eating iron rich foods. Her Dr says that taking FE pills is not efficient, as it is poorly absorbed. Apparently, a lot of PD patients have this problem.  What steps should she take?

3. How do you deal with the orthostatic hypotension?  I take florineff and midodrine. I hate them – side effects arr horrendous.

4. I have tried almost every therapy and treatment over the past five years, but that darn PD still seems to progress. This included two stem cell treatments, UCB by IV out of the country…. Improved over the first six months, but them benefits faded away! What supplements have you fond help the most?

5. Could you tell me – have you come across very many people who can link their Parkinsonism to taking Lipitor?

6. How can I get the best movement possible with the least amount of meds?

7. What will c/l dopa help and what won’t it help? What can I expect to be improved?

8. Are there any preventive measures my Mum (who has Parkinsons) should be taking with regard to the swine flu?

I hope you can join us on Thursday at 11:00 am pacific time for the radio program.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. It is easier for me just to read messages or tips on how to recover from Parkinson disease especially the 12 steps recovery program from Dr.JOHN COLEMAN rather than blog on radio for I can’t follow on this.

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