Address Constipation: A Critical Step to Recovery from Parkinson’s

The big picture: Light Therapy has the potential to address constipation.

  • Parkinson’s symptoms originate in the gut.
  • Heal gut issues and symptoms will begin to resolve

Do you have constipation? The constipation must be reversed for you to get relief from symptoms. There are many potential remedies for constipation. Most therapies infuse the gut with one form of probiotics or another. Certain foods can also promote healthy bacteria in the gut.

Light therapy may also offer the possibility of infusing the gut with good bacteria. No need to take a probiotic supplement here!

Animal Studies find that light therapy promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. If this happens with animals, I am guessing humans will achieve similar results.

Many of you have been using the X-Plus Vielight light therapy to address symptoms such as memory impairment.. The class encourages you to apply the X-Plus on your gut once a day in addition to applying the light to your mid brain.

If you do not have an X-Plus device, information is available on the Vielight website:

If you decide to acquire one, be sure to tell the customer representative you are a Parkinsons Recovery member. The will apply a 10% discount. If you order the device from their website, the 10% discount will be applied on the shopping cart if you enter the coupon code healing4me.

The company gives you 6 months to try out their devices. If it does not offer symptom relief, you can always return the used product for an 80% refund. The risk is minimal.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


2 thoughts on “Address Constipation: A Critical Step to Recovery from Parkinson’s

  1. Hi:

    Feedback I have received suggests regular use offers relief from a variety of symptoms. Only one out of 10 users have returned their units within 6 months to claim the generous 80% refund offered by the Vielight company. Will it help with your symptoms? There is no research I know of that speaks to this issue, but most users have reported encouraging outcomes.

    Robert Rodgers PhD

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