Benefits of Using Humor to Manage Parkinson’s Disease

The following is an announcement of a seminar that certainly sounds interesting. I am actually working this month on developing a jokes app which will encourage laughter each and every day – the natural way to make dopamine.
My name is Shiry and I am the community manager at GeneFo – a free medical community platform. I found your blog after hearing so many positive reviews
On Sept 27th we will be holding a free online lecture titled :The Medical Benefits of using Humor to Manage Parkinson’s Disease”. Our speaker will be Ms Yvonne deSousa, a chronic patient, humorist and author. I thought your community would find this session interesting and wanted to invite you to share the information.
I am attaching a link to register, the facebook post and also a link to an article in Parkinson’s News Today which featured this session.
I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
Link to register:

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