Best Parkinson’s Diet

Many people ask me the following: What is the best Parkinson’s diet? Here is my answer after researching this issue now for over a decade.

Reports of Best Parkinson’s Diet Choices that have been helping persons with Parkinson’s Symptoms feel better 

The following is a listing reported by respondents on the annual Parkinsons Recovery Survey of dietary choices that helped them celebrate relief from Parkinson’s  symptoms during 2021. No one approach floated to the top of the list as the most useful diet. Take note of the variety of diets that are listed!

It makes perfect sense to me that different diets will be appropriate for different people depending on their metabolism, blood type, genes, DNA and other factors.  The challenge for those of you traveling down the road to recovery is to find and embrace the diet that will make it possible for you to celebrate relief from your symptoms.

Here is the list. There are other diets certainly that were not reported but may be ideal for you and your body. 

   Adequate Nutrition

   Acid Neutralization

   Coconut Oil

   Drink Warm Tea with Medication

   Fish Oil

   Grundy Diet

   Healthy Diet

   Low Carb Diet

   MCT Oil

   Mediterranean Diet

   Nutritional Consults

   Nuts and Seeds

   Organic Food

   Paleo Diet

   Plant Based Diet

   Protein Shakes

   Vegan Diet

   Wahls Diet

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington USA


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