Best Therapies to Become Symptom Free of Parkinson’s

I have been a subscriber for awhile now and have tried some of the treatments (qigong, dental appliance). Although I’m still not symptom-free I remain hopeful I’ll find something that eventually works for me.

Have you ever polled or collated responses from subscribers to see if, and which of, these methods have also helped them to become symptom-free? Thanks for all you do and for your uplifting spirit!



The reference to “subscriber” in Mary’s question above is to the Parkinsons Recovery Membership Program. The program involves an interface with a website that is updated daily with wide variety of information, support and resources that support ongoing recovery. I record meditations every week that are posted, the most recent of which involve mindfulness invitations.

I have had four thoughts after reading your question. I will reflect on each one rather than censoring or editing them!

First, I discovered something fascinating since I began researching how people succeed in reversing their symptoms. Few people actually realize they are feeling better and better. The recovery process is slow and difficult to track. The focus tends to reside on symptoms that are in your face, so few people actually acknowledge and celebrate the progress they are making toward recovery as evidenced by symptoms that do reverse.

I have discovered this observation applies to everyone. If you ask me how I am feeling now when compared to six months ago – my response would be – I do not know. I really do not have have the memory capability to know one way or another. Am I feeling better, the same or worse? I do not have a clue.

When you say “although I am not symptom free” I am wondering if you have actually been successful with your recovery process and just have not acknowledged it.  Parkinsons Recovery supports a symptom tracker that you might want to update regularly so you can chart and celebrate your own progress toward recovery.

Second, I have an invitation for you. Ask five persons you know who do not have a diagnosis of  Parkinsons the following question:

Are you symptom free today?

Ask a family member, a friend, a stranger – whomever you happen to encounter today.
Of course, I can not know the results of your informal survey, but I predict that 4 out of 5 or even 5 out of 5 persons (who do not have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s) will report a symptom of one type or another that is worrisome to them – perhaps fatigue or depression or high blood pressure or mood swings or a back ache or …  We all occupy a body which presents challenges throughout our lives.

I would recommend that instead of focusing on symptoms – which triggers a series of low frequency thought forms – focus on what you love to do in your life. Make doing what you love to do happen as frequently as possible.

Third, as for polling my audience – the answer is no. There is a reason. I have discovered in my research that the factors which cause neurological difficulties are truly multifaceted. The therapies that will help you are keyed to the causal factors that happen to be at play for you and you alone.

When I examine the research on the various therapeutic options that are available to people – and there are dozens – the research shows that each and every option results in a positive outcome on average to one extent or another. Some options are much more helpful than others for any individual. The key is to find what options are the most beneficial for you and your body.

No single therapeutic option exists that is the end all – the option that everyone should pursue. People who are recovering pursue multiple options – as are you. Hooray! That approach – pursing a combination of therapeutic options – works well for most people on the road to recovery.

Fourth, having said all of this – I have concluded that the best answers are actually quite simple in the long run. The best road to travel for recovery is one that involves

Eating nutritious, organic, live foods,
Avoiding foods that are bad for your body,
Moving your body every day through exercise,
Becoming well hydrated,
Breathing deeply so you oxygenate your body.

Everyone knows these principles of good health are valid. The key is to begin doing it on a daily basis.

I have been recruiting Parkinsons Recovery Radio show guests who offer their unique perspectives on how to help our bodies come back on line. I love this approach because it focuses on the positive (how to become healthy and thus help your body remove the toxins naturally) rather than on the negative (how to eliminate symptoms as you ponder what is not working well in your body). You will enjoy John Baumann’s refreshing perspective who is my guest on the radio show tomorrow.

When we focus on how our body really does not how to come back into balance (which is its natural state) the positive approach and associated thoughts support our recovery. When we focus on what is not working – our negative thoughts about what is wrong impede recovery.

Keep tuning in to hear my interviews with the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show guests.
Admittedly it takes an hour or so to hear each show, but you will be hearing some remarkable suggestions from truly gifted individuals over the coming months.

I am guessing you have been making superb progress in your recovery program. May you celebrate each and every victory as you continue to manifest all of your dreams for the future.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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