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I was diagnosed with Akinetic Parkinsons in July. 2003.  I am now having vision problems.  My vision is blurry.  I have double vision, and I cannot focus.  Are these symptoms typical?  If so, do you know of anything that I can take to overcome these symptoms.  

I have read that COQ10 is good to take, but it is expensive. I am 69 years old and living on a fixed income. If  there is any additional information that you might need, please let me know.

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I have not heard many reports of blurry vision, so from my research it is not that “typical”.  But as one neurologist explained,

If you have seen one person with Parkinson’s, you have seen one person.

That is to say – each person’s situation is unique. It doesn’t really help to compare yourself to anyone else!

As for solutions – I pursued a journey to find a natural treatment for eye problems after my uncle experienced series eye problems from cataracts. I found one eye drop in particular which reduces inflammation and cuts down on the free radicals which cause eye difficulties. The research on Can-C is quite impressive. You can read more information about these eye drops by visiting:

Will these eye drops help your situation? I obviously do not know. I do know that they address the problem of  inflammation which contributes to many difficulties people have with their eyesight. It is a natural eye drop which has no side effects. You might want to discuss this option with your doctor.

Research does reveal that Coq10 can provide relief from various symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease.Naturopath doctor Laurie Mischley reported during my radio show interview with her last June that it is important to get a high quality CoQ10. She explains that you are wasting your money if you get low cost CoQ10. If you are considering this option, be sure and listen to the two radio shows in June with her as my guest.   

May you find a solution to your problem soon and begin to see more clearly with each passing day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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