Causes of Parkinsons Disease

There are many factors that can potentially be the causes of Parkinsons disease. Once you discover the root causes, you are in a position to focus attention on healing the problems that cause the symptoms.

Finding and healing causes lies at the foundation of the Jump Start to Recovery program. The is a good probability that the causes are toxins or infections or trauma or entanglements in family systems (or some combination of these possibilities). What follows is an email I received from Chris who succeeded in identifying a Lyme infection as the cause of his symptoms. His story is a victory we can all celebrate. Chris is truly a pioneer of recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


I wanted to give you and update. I am now a little over a month in treatment of my Lyme disease. My tremors have decreased a great deal but have not stopped. However the tremors are the only symptoms that still exist. I am no longer stiff and arm swing has returned. Simple tests like tapping my fingers shows that my right side has the same speed as the left. This was not true before, the right side was significantly slower.


Last week I stopped feeling tired after the Bicilin shots. We believe the spirilia die off has stopped, meaning we have decimated the bacteria that causes the Lyme.

I start Clear Mind Neurofeedback therapy next week to start rebuilding the lost neurons from the attack of the disease.

I am going to continue the bicilin shots for another three weeks along with vitamin IV’s once a week. I am also detoxing heavy metals.

The bottom line is that it will take some time and patience to recover fully but I am making strong headway.


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