Chlorine in the Water of Swimming Pools


Thanks again for the email newsletters-  I find them very positive and helpful.

I went to a cranio-sacral therapist yesterday here in Myrtle Beach (where we are for 2 months) and it was very relaxing and calming for me. I have gone up in Canada a few times.

I have joined a fitness club and am working out 3 times a week and on the other 2 days swimming in the pool. My question is should I be concerned with the water in the pool ? ( toxins etc) I am going to check with them what they put in to it but it does taste a little salty to me when I have some on my face.

I would be interested in your broadcasts but I use a computer at the hotel on the premises and am not sure how to get in to them.

Thanks again for your services and keep up the good work.



I am so glad you find the newsletters helpful. Praise is all I need to keep writing and researching.

On Chlorine in swimming pools …

Your question about chlorine in swimming pools is a tough  question to answer. I personally stopped swimming for the past few years in a swimming pool because of the chlorine. However, I recently decided to begin swimming again because it is such great exercise.

I have concluded that if we apply strict and uncompromising rules about toxic exposure, we rule out every imaginable activity in life. We might as well live in a bubble and allow ourselves no contact with humans or the physical world.

I see no way around being exposed to toxins every day. The pillows we put our heads on are toxic for most people because current laws required that they be dowsed with flame retardant which is very, very toxic.

Most food in grocery stores and restaurants these days is toxic. Even when we breathe (even in Florida) we ingest toxins. The list of exposure opportunities is endless.

I have concluded that a healthy way to approach the challenge of toxins is to eliminate the big ones and to make it a routine to do detoxes two or three times a year. I even change the detox program I use to cover all the bases. In other words, I just accept the fact I am being bombarded with toxins and do my best to detox myself on a regular basis. I make it routine.

Had you asked me this two years ago – I probably would have said – stop swimming in chlorine. The answer is different today, given I plan on returning to swimming in a chlorine pool myself this month.

Life is a trade off and this is one perfect example. I strongly suspect that the benefits  of the exercise outweigh the costs of the toxins.

Question about broadcasts:

I sponsor a weekly broadcast myself and sponsor other famous guests regularly. My teleseminars are Thursdays at 11:00 am pacific time. Times for other teleseminars are always announced in the free Parkinsons Recovery newsletter and on the blog.

You can always listen in on the telephone or connect through a computer. All of the teleseminars are recorded,
so you can listen to the telesemianrs after the event. Times and the events are always posted on the blog here  ( for at least a week after the event, so you can download the broadcasts
to your computer (they are MP3 files) and listen later using an IPOD or listen through your computer.

It is great to hear all about your exercise program. It will make a different to  be sure!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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