Sound Therapy for Parkinsons

Hi Robert,

I live in the UK.

As a sufferer of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease since November 2005 one of the ways that has helped me to greatly improve my outlook on life is to chant the word HU which is a name for God in ECKANKAR. I have used this mantra for over 30 years and consider it my main lifeline to raising my consciousness and putting me in contact with the ECK (Holy Spirit).

HU is a word that can be used by people of any faith, it is non-intrusive. If you feel so inclined, please feel free to share this with others.

“The 3½ minute video ‘Miracles in Your Life‘ is a great way to share the benefits of singing HU.  Through uplifting, lyrical language, and beautiful, natural imagery, viewers discover the miracles that HU can bring.  They learn that the HU is for all people, regardless of faith.”

According to my Osteopath my PD symptoms stabilized some time ago and in some areas they have improved. I have been using a Recumbent Exercise Bike for about 3 years. I pedal for 30 minutes a day, everyday. When I started, I could pedal for 4.5 miles in 30 minutes, now I can pedal for 6.5 miles in this time.

Also, I have been using the Chinese/Russian herb “Rhodiola Rosea” for many years. I found this to be an excellent herb.

I have recently started to use the “Aquas4life” formula for the last 6 weeks.

Although, I still have many of the PD symptoms, I feel that I am slowly improving.

Another, interest I have is in writing lyrics for songs.




What an awesome suggestion!  This therapy is easy to do, fun and free. You do it yourself. No doctors are required. The only expectation for this one is improved health on some level. You cannot beat that formula!

I know some of you who are reading this post are performers. Visit  Ross’  website by clicking on the link he provides above. He is looking for performers to perform his songs. Why not be one of those people? His lyrics are amazing.

 Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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