Delta Variant

It would seem the delta variant of Covid is responsible for spreading theDELTA-VARIANT
disease more quickly that the original Covid 19. What can you do if you are infected with either virus?

Of course, check with your medical doctor immediately. I am not a medical doctor, but I wanted you to know what my own doctor recommended if I or a member of my family is infected.

Anti-histamines Help Knock Out the Delta Variant

My own doctor recommended that I take antihistamines if infected with the Delta Variant of the corona virus. There are a variety of over the counter options. My naturopath has some high quality anti-histamine options which I decided to order in case someone in my family is infected.  I recommend you check with your own doctor about natural alternatives that might recommend or have available.

Changing your diet should also help. Incorporate fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, fresh meat seafood, and whole grains. I found this listing of foods on the internet that contain high histamines which should be avoided:

  • Fermented dairy products, such as cheese (especially aged), yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, and kefir.
  • Fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut and kimchi.
  • Pickles or pickled veggies.
  • kombucha.
  • cured or fermented meats, such as sausages, salami, and fermented ham.


If you get infected with the Corona 19 virus or any of its spin offs, my doctor tells me taking anti-histamines and changing your diet can offer welcome relief from your symptoms. She said any over the counter anti-histamine product would likely help offer symptom relief. Most naturopaths have high quality anti-histamine supplements available, so no matter what, be sure and check with your doctor about any specific options they recommend.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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