Dental Detox and Parkinsons

What follows is a rich explanation of dental health as a critical factor in the overal health and well being of persons with Parkinson’s which was submitted by Brad:

Much has been written about the presence of toxic metals in dental work, but there is another  source of toxins in our mouths that should not be overlooked.  Naturally occuring bacteria are present between the teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums and in severe cases, loss of teeth.  The bacteria produce potent foul-smelling toxins.  As the toxicity becomes chronic, the gums become inflamed and recede over time.  This is known as “gingivitis” or “periodontal disease”.  If your gums bleed, even a tiny bit, you have it.  As the condition worsens, “pockets” form deep around the tooth, further harboring the toxin-producing bacteria and absorbing the toxins directly into the bloodstream.  I have not seen research linking these toxins to Parkinson’s, however, the mouth is very close to the brain and any toxic stress is bad for PD.  There IS research linking periodontal disease to heart disease and other maladies.

Gingivitis can be mild and persist for years without pain or obvious symptoms.  Regular dentists do not usually treat this condition, referring patients to periodontists who specialize in gum conditions.  If the condition is advanced and the pockets are deep, the periodontist may recommend gum surgery, which is obviously costly and more traumatic than prevention.  Prevention or recovery from mild cases is simple and inexpensive.  Merely following routine oral health practices (brushing, flossing, rinsing, use of anti-bacterial mouthwashes, etc.) religiously will destroy the bacteria and toxins before they can reach your bloodstream.  This must be done at least once or twice daily, though.  Regular dentists or periodontists can give advice and judge the effectiveness in this regard.


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