Depression and Parkinson’s Disease

Hi Robert

First of all, let me congratulate you for your nice work. It helps me a lot. though, I have 2 questions I could not find any answer in your blog:

1. You mention your book relating a few people that have recovered. And you also mention you are a researcher. I wonder if you have some data (bigger than these 11 people) that have completely or almost completely recovered. And where to find these data.

There are actually two Pioneers of Recovery books: A first set and a second set. I used to be a quantitative researcher and did analyses of huge data sets. I decided that was only proving the obvious.

I have switched over the past decade to qualitative or case study research. You get to hear the full story from each person about how they reversed their symptoms.A relatively small number of people are willing to tell their stories, but I can assure you that I hear reports from many people who have been successful in their healing journey. I might add – what does it matter anyway? Isn’t the most important issue for you to find the cause and heal it?

2. Also, and most important, how to deal with the depression related to PD? where to find it in your blog?

On the blog: click on the category listed in the right column entitled “depression help.” The posts that related to depression will pop up.

Three of the archived radio shows address issues of depression. The links are:

thanks again

You are most welcome Eneas.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


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