Treatments for Tremors

How to Treat Tremors Successfully
Everyone makes three choices about how to calm their tremors day in and day out, moment to moment.
  1.  Suppress the tremors.
  2. Treat the cause(s).
  3. Pursue both strategies.

I have concluded it makes the most sense to pursue both strategies: i.e. pursue the 3rd option: Suppress symptoms and, at the same time, address the cause. Both approaches are discussed in my new release today of Treatments for Tremors.

It is important to find therapies that suppress tremors at least temporarily for one important reason. Tremors themselves create unrelenting stress in the body. When stress escalates, tremors become more pronounced. The cycle is endless as tremors cause even more stress.

Click on the link below depending on whether you are interested in the paperback or download of Treatments for Tremors.

 P.S. My new book contains suggestions after months and months of listening to my past radio shows to extract the best and most successful natural therapies for calming tremors.

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