Do Parkinson’s Symptoms Come and Go?

Question #1:

Do other PD people notice a change/worsening of symptoms seasonally?  I just realized that for several years now my symptoms seem to increase about Dec or Jan or there abouts. This time period is when I have been starting or changing or increasing medications.



Yes – my experience is that many people experience a flare up of symptoms during the winter. I suspect there are several reasons:

  • Diet – the holidays trigger unhealthy eating.
  • Lack of exercise – the winter months can mean colder weather with more rain and snow.
  • Lack of sunshine – Although you live in a rather hot climate, vitamin D3 may not be an issue – but Naturopath Doctor Laurie Mischley finds most people with Parkinson’s symptoms have severe vitamin D3 deficiencies. If there is less sunshine – your body will be getting less D3 the natural way.
  • Change or addition of medications – If you have been adding new medications or increasing the dosage, that could also be a possible cause of a symptom flare up due to interactions and side effects.

All in all – there are a multitude of factors that can potentially contribute to shifts in symptoms seasonally. Since there are typically fluctuations – you can always celebrate improvement down the road.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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