Dr. O’hhira Probiotics

After spending the last four months updating Road to Recovery from
Parkinsons Disease
I am awed by the variety of therapies that are helping more and more people reverse Parkinson’s symptoms. There are so many choices. Which ones are the most important?

I have drawn the conclusion that healing the gut should be a priority
for everyone. The cause of many Parkinson’s symptoms originate there.

I was most impressed by my interview with Natural Pharmacist Ross Pelton who introduced the importance of taking probiotics to maintain a healthy gut. I started taking the probiotics he recommended – Dr. Ohhiras’s professional formula – and continue to be pleased personally with the results. It is not a quick fix, but healing the gut cuts to the core of what needs to happen for genuine healing to happen.

From my interview with Ross, my personal experience and feedback from those of you who are taking these probiotics, I concluded taking probiotics is a critical step to recovery.

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 6 months ago. I showed symptoms for many years but it wasn’t until her eyes and face started twitching following a seizure like episode that she was officially diagnosed. I could not bear to see my daughter going through this problem at the early age of her life. I met doctor Richard and i explain about my daughter symptom and my daughter Parkinson’s and then I made an order of his medicine. the medicine has change my daughter’ health. my is free from Parkinson

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