Early Parkinsonism

Below is an email I have permission to post from Larry who is having a quite fascinating journey on his own journey down the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Hello, Robert.

In September 2014 a neurologist concluded that I exhibited symptoms of early Parkinsonism, which I understand could well be the initial stages of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). This followed a brain scan that discounted other explanations: tumour, aneurism, stroke. The diagnosis explained symptoms of slowly-increasing severity that I first became aware of some two years (?) earlier.

Those symptoms (mainly evident in my left hand) are declining finger dexterity – speed, strength, and proprioception, the effects of which are difficulty touch typing, tying laces, fastening buttons, using cutlery, etcetera and ad nauseam.

The neurologist concluded this no-hope-diagnosis with the cheerful thought that because I was at the time 74, I would likely die of some other ailment before the PD symptoms became debilitating, and should they worsen, there was always the promise relief by drugs.

Now, one year later, he has decided that because my symptoms have not worsened in the slightest that I don’t have PD after all! In fact, I am remarkably fit for my age. (I played ice hockey last winter and tennis this summer.) As for my “symptoms”, well, he has no explanation.”


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