EFT Testimonial

Bernadette Hunter, an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, works with Monica who volunteered to be a demonstration client for the program. Monica is diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

What follows is Monica’s report on the results of the work which, as you will see, is quite amazing. She graciously gave her permission for me to post her report below.

I had a vet apt this AM and I wanted to advise you of the outcome. On a scale of 1 – 10, the experience was a 0 – 1. I noticed also while driving there was more relaxation. I felt very happy inside, very relieved that I could feel this way after 2 yrs of fighting and worrying about nothing..I think it may be carrying over to improving my walking in confined areas, like inside the house. I was so tense inside the house. Something has released but I cant put my finger on it, something to do with fear…

Tomorrow I have an even longer drive to meet a girlfriend for brunch…I have no anxiety about it. There’s no fighting going on in my head. I actually am looking forward to the whole event.

Below is an e mail after the brunch:

I had another longer driving trip 2 days later with continued good results…Also noticed the longer I drove the more relaxed I became as far as more relaxed in the forearms vs tightened contracted muscles…

I’m going to further work with EFT and Bernadette on the negative pleasure concept you wrote about. I agree with your other observation about adrenaline vs dopamine systems. I have been on adrenaline so long that its depletive and dopamine has gone bye bye or is dormant from non-use. So no wonder I shake or freeze. I know without doubt that fear emotion is the root cause…


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