Excessive Sweating


 I have been doing sort of OK with my Parkinson’s except that
severe sweating is driving me crazy. I sweat five or six times
a day – then sweat all night and wake up every morning soaking
from head to toe. I’ve done some research but cannot find
anything but talk about surgery.

Do you know of any nutritional or herbal treatment. Even if it is
not a cure but offers some relief?

I would appreciate some suggestions.

Thank you Robert



Thanks so much for sending in your question.
Here is my spin on sweating from working with
individuals with the symptoms of Parkinsons
who have this problem. Rest assured you are not
alone in being driven crazy by this symptom.

Here is what I see is happening with sweating.
Your body is sending you a strong signal. What is
the message? I sense the message is that your lymph
system is clogged and not functioning at present.

Why is it clogged? You have an overabundance of toxins.
(Please do not be offended. First, my guess may be
wrong. Second, everyone has this problem who lives
in a toxic world today and that is everyone!).

When the body is attempting to do its work of eliminating toxins
(which is one of its jobs) and there are too many toxins
for the body to eliminate in a normal fashion (through kidneys, liver, etc)
the body will use whatever means available to release
the toxins. If the lymph system is clogged, the sweat glands are
a good alternative outlet. Looked at from this perspective,
sweating may be critical for the organs in your body to
continue functioning. In other words, it is actually a good thing
to sweat though it is making you miserable.

What do you do about this? First, you can evaluate everything
you put on your body, everything you eat and everything you
touch. It is possible you are contaminating yourself in a most
innocent way (like the shaving lotion you use or the laundry
soap you use or …). It may be the furniture you sit on has toxins.
Consider all possibilities and eliminate any and all sources
of toxins. Make it a project for the month. The source of the problem
may lie in a most strange place, one that you never thought about

Second, you can purchase a small trampoline and jump on it
for 4 or 5 minutes a day (unless balance is an issue for you).
Jumping on a trampoline every day helps to clear out the toxins
and clear your lymph system.

Third, you can contact a naturopath or MD type doctor who knows
how to help you detox gently (or go to your health food store and
discuss detox options with them). There are many other natural
options that can help you detox (infrared saunas, sweat lodges,
steam rooms, homeopathic treatments, etc.)

I frequently do teleseminars with naturopaths who have great ideas
for detoxing. I recently interviewed Dr. Ivy Faber, ND, who does a test
that will tell you what toxins are problematic for you (or if my guess
is wrong about toxins, what might be the true source of your sweating

You also probably need to be especially careful to hydrate your body.
You may have the thought that you do not want to drink water because
it will make the sweating worse. Without adequate hydration, you
cannot detox your body and your lymph system will remain clogged.
There is a homeopathic treatment that is specifically designed to help
you hydrate your body.

Now – as you search around for herbal treatments, I recommend that
you consider the herbs that will help clear out your lymph system and
help you detox your body. I interviewed an amazing herbalist in
Pioneers of Recovery (http://pioneersofrecovery.com) Andrew Bentley.
He is the kind of person I would approach to get the best advice on
herbs to try.

Consider essential oils as an option too and be sure to watch the video
showing the application of essential oils that I posted right here
on this blog (www.blog.parkinsonsrecovery.com) just last week.

The bottom line is I would direct your focus in consultations with
your doctors to detoxing your body of harmful substances. Once
the toxins are cleared to a manageable state, your lymph system
will begin to function normally and the symptom of sweating should

Keep me appraised of what choices you make and what helps
(or does not help). I will be happy to post your experience on
the blog.

All the best,

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

3 thoughts on “Excessive Sweating

  1. Hi Mr Rodgers,

    I was very interested in your article about sweating with parkinson’s . My mother has parkinsons and is suffering really bad at this present time with excessive sweating at night and the tremour is also at its worse. She is also on other medication for her heart and has had epilim for night seizures of which she has been told o gradually come off by her consultant as this could be adding to her tremour. We are desperate to find a solution just to relieve some of her symtoms. She is taking madpar medication at the moment . Would most appreciate some feedback.

    Many thanks C Taylor

  2. Hi:

    When it comes to taking medications to get relief from symptoms, your doctors will be the best resources available. They are the specialists in knowing which prescription medications might

    Alternatively, addressing the cause of the problem leads you down a different path. You might talk with your doctors about the role toxins might be playing in the symptoms that are currently being experienced.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  3. I also seem to sweat a lot more than I used to. Of course, working outside in the heat makes anyone sweat, but I (and my wife!) notice its gotten worse. I have to take a shower before I can watch TV with her. Actually, it does refresh me anyway. I don’t know anything about my lymph system being clogged, or exposure to any new toxins. I do have some chickens now, which I never had before. Maybe cleaning their coop often affects me- don’t know. But I’m NOT giving up my babies(& we both love fresh eggs). Maybe its Arkansas weather & humidity. Don’t know. Guess I’ll just keep taking daily showers. At least we can watch TV together now!

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