Exercise is Good for Relieving the Symptoms of Parkinson’s

I thought you could be interested
in seeing a short segment of my
interview with Mary (not her
real name) who offers high
praise for the benefits of exercise.

“Swimming and exercising makes
me feel great. And after I take
glutathione I can walk. I’ll
go through weeks were I walk
everyday at the park and I swim
and then I’ll go through a week
where I do nothing.     

“I read on your site, I think it was
one of your newsletters, that
tandem bicycling was great for
the Parkinson’s patients. So, we
go to the park almost everyday
and rent one of those side by side
tandems. My caregiver drives it
and I pedal along. I walk much
better after that.” 

“I do that everyday that I can. Many
times we go down to the beach
and rent the three-wheelers. The
three-wheelers are helpful.”

Robert: “How much time every day
do you spend on your exercise program?”

Mary: “Like an hour a day. I had a
yoga person tell me that yoga
helps also. 

Robert: “You definitely notice a
difference? When you exercise
you feel better and when you
don’t exercise you feel worse?

Mary: “Exactly. Definitely.”

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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