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Hi Robert

I have been subscribing on your newsletter for a short while and also purchased the pdf version of the book Pioneers of Recovery. I read it and found interesting the information about the Mucuna herb (the interview with Max). He said that at times he mainly takes Mucuna on not that much traditional medication (Sinemet).

I have tried to find some information about the Mucuna Pruriens herb on the internet and especially dosages and feel like the information about dosages is hard to find. I have purchaed Mucuna Pruriens powder but the information of how and how much to take it seems to be difficult to find. Is powder better than tablets etc. Does the powder lose effects if blended in warm water in with tea for example.

My mother was diagnosed some 10 years ago and I am trying to find alternative treatments for her.

I understand you get hundreds of emails regards PD but if you have the time, could you guide me in the direction of someone who can help with Mucuna dosages with powder or pills or is there something else.

I live in Northern Europe quite far from you.

also, I learned that yuor radio shows are archived Where can I go and listen to then.

with best regards



On Mucuna:

It is clearly the case that Mucuna can be helpful to individuals currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Your question on the issue of the proper dosage is a very complicated. If you mother is also taking another medication like Sinemet – you will want to work closely with her doctor to ascertain the proper dosage.

If she uses both meditations – you are really using two drugs that are intended to have a similar effect. Mucuna is natural – but it is also a drug – just like Sinemet. You certainly do not want your Mom to overdo the dose – which can cause other unwanted side effects.

As I see it, the true challenge with using Mucuna to treat some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s  is finding a reliable source. I receive many inquires asking about a good source for mucuna. The truth is I really do not know of a reliable source at this time. People do not like to hear this answer – but it is the best I have at this time.

There are many companies that sell Mucuna – but it does not have the energetic charge you need. The energetic charge you need comes from growing Mucuna in the wild. Commercial growers do not typically harvest Mucuna that is growing in the wild.

I do have one great lead and suggestion for you to consider. I set up a website recently – www.favabeans.parkinsonsrecovery.com for Aunt Bean who has purchased a four acre farm in Tennessee this year to grow her own fava beans and Mucuna. Fava beans are also an  alternative source of dopamine. She writes about her harvests on the blog and is doing self guided research to determine the best way to grow and harvest both fava beans and Mucuna. Aunt Bean makes her own tincture from the tips of the fava bean plants which gives her remarkable relief from her own symptoms.

My suggestion is to contact Aunt Bean through the website and learn more about what she is doing. She has had wonderful success with growing fava beans and Mucuna plants on her farm (as have other persons) and is eager to help others get started with growing their own fava beans and Mucuna plants.

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