Fava Beans for Parkinson’s

The following are questions I asked Sandra who grows her own fava beans and harvests them herself to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Can fava beans be used in conjunction with other medications?

They do not appear to conflict with sinemet, but there is a fine balance between not enough l-dopa and too much.  If my friend eats too many beans with her sinemet dose..she appears to be drunk and tends to fall.

It would be great if each person’s body metabolism were the same and a clear dose could be established, but it doesn’t work that way. It has been our experience that most doctors are not familiar with fava beans and other natural remedies, and will likely advise sinemet or other PD meds.    I have chosen to stay away from synthetic l-dopa & stick with what I know and consider natural, so that my body can  stay at it’s optimal health.

Do doctors prescribe fava beans??

In Europe, people have used favas for PD therapy for a long time. Favas are also a very popular food in Europe. In the United States, most people have never heard of favas. However, there is a product called Balance D that is available in the US, a supplement containing fava, by Neuroscience. It was recommended to my friend by her doctor.

Do you have a website that would help people understand the use of fava beans and how to grow them?

No, but there is a man in Canada, Ken Allan, who has been so much support to me in this adventure with the favas. He also has PD and has grown and used them to supplement his sinemet for several years now. Here is his website:


Is there a fava bean support group where people can get answers to their questions about growing and using the beans?

No,  not that I am aware of, but it is a great idea.  Could Parkinsons Recovery start an online support group where people could share valuable information about fava beans and their uses and how to grow them?

I am happy to share the little bit of information that we have gleaned over the past 12 months. I pray that many of your listeners will be encouraged to grow their own favas and that we will find people interested in doing valuable research on these amazing fava beans.    May God Bless You   .    Sandra

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2 thoughts on “Fava Beans for Parkinson’s

  1. I have an arrhythmia and had to come off Sinemet, , do you think Fava beans has the same effect on my heart?

  2. Here is the reply from Aunt Bean who is the expert on fava beans (and of course is not a medical doctor). Here she provides her own personal experience:

    Answer to Sue;

    “I think for sure you need to address the arrhythmia. I have had trouble with that an Hawthorne Berry capsules help me a lot. The herb strengthens the heart muscle. Fava doesn’t effect my heart, but if I don’t take Hawthorne berry for a while, that does.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Aunt Bean

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