Food Sources of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

After announcing my interview with Antonio Costantini MD I received the following email from Aunt Bean regarding natural food sources of Thiamine (or Vitamin B1) as a therapy for Parkinson’s. As you will see below Aunt Bean has found eating foods that contain high concentrations of thiamine reduce her requirements for the fava bean natural dopamine supplement she takes. (She makes her own fava bean tincture).

Aunt Bean refers to her natural l-dopa tincture in her correspondence to me that is copied below. The natural dopamine supplement Aunt Bean is referring to in her email is the tincture she invented using fava beans. Visit the fava bean Parkinsons Recovery website to learn all about Aunt Bean’s fava bean tincture and her other natural food research discoveries for Parkinson’s.

What follows is Aunt Bean’s Email.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Yes on thiamine Robert.

Since I have been eating nuts for a year and 2 months I have reduced my natural l-dopa tincture from 5 a day to usually one time a day. Mandolin playing and strength much better also. I eat 1 brazil nut, 4 walnut halves, 4 almonds, 2 bitter apricot kernels, handful of cashews and handful of pistachios a day.

Thumbs up😊.

Aunt Bean

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