How to Prepare Fava Beans for Best Results


What is the best way to cook fava beans for relief of the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease?



I forwarded this question to Aunt Bean who is a resident expert on everything there is to know about fava beans and how they have the potential to offer relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I post regular correspondence from Aunt Bean on the Fava Bean Website ( sponsored by Parkinsons Recovery.

Dry Fava Beans do not have as much l-dopa as the sprouts.  Sprouts are the best way to get l-dopa supplementation.  They are easy to do.

You just soak the beans overnight  (about a 1/2 Cup in a bowl)  In the morning drain & rinse them well. Drain them well and cover with a paper towel to keep light out.  Rinse and drain well 3 times a day until they start to sprout. It only takes about 3 days. Then rinse well and let them stand in water about 15 minutes to soften the skins.

Drain & remove the skins.  Rinse well again. Then put into a steamer (beans not in water)     & steam covered for 6 minutes after the water starts boiling good.  Remove from steam  Rinse with cold water. Dry. Put on a plate or cookie sheet in a single layer to freeze.  Then after about 45 minutes put in a plastic freezer zip lock and freeze
until needed.

Experiment with eating 2 or 3 every couple of hours or/ just in the in between times when you are not taking meds…everyone is so different & so are the doses of meds & time schedules and activity levels…you will have to find your own dose amount and how often to take them.   Always start with a small amount as with any medicine…They are medicine…just a natural whole food medicine for us.

Also, remember to have a G6 PD blood test done to make sure you are ok to take them(having the right enzymes necessary , or they can hurt you!)  Also, ask your physician if you are on any MAOI’s…fava supplementing can cause a quick and dangerous rise in Blood Pressure when mixed with these drugs. Let your doctor know, so  they can work with you and be aware of your experimenting!

Goya Favas usually sprout well. If you wish to cook dry fava beans:  Soak them overnight to hydrate them. Then rinse well in the morning and put in clean water and cook til tender.  After they are coked, they taste great stir fried with garlic & onion.  YUM

God Bless!

Aunt Bean

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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