How to Reduce Medication Dosage

“how do I wean myself off medications with out a doctor?”

The question for how to reduce medication dosage was submitted through My Q&A system available on the main blog at  Your doctor prescribed the medications for you in the first place, so you will have to involve them in the process of weaning yourself off of them. The weaning process can take some time, so you will more than likely need your doctor to continue prescribing the medications even though you have made a conscious choice to reduce the dosage.

Many people find reducing the dose very difficult, especially when the reduction that is attempted is to aggressive. Serious side effects can result under such circumstances. The best practice is to reduce the dose gradually and slowly. Give your body plenty of time to adjust to the change.

I think it is always a wise move to involve a compounding pharmacist in helping reduce the dose. They can make medicines that have slightly less in them and monitor how your are doing with the reduction, They will also correspond with your doctor to advise them of the status of your plan to reduce the dosage.

I think it is a smart move to take control of your own recovery plan. Hopefully, your doctor will be supportive of your decision. The people who succeed in their recovery have a full appreciation of the importance of taking full control over their recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


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