Hydration Benefits

Below are the questions I asked Jaroslov Boublik PhD, one of the researchers who formulated the Aquas, about how and why hydration benefits healing the body from the inside out.  

  • Why can’t we become better hydrated by simply drinking more water?
  • Why do we become more dehydrated as we age?
  • Why is a well hydrated body essential to eliminating toxins from the body?

    How do the following affect hydration?

Energy Drinks

  • What are the symptoms of dehydration?
  • Do structured water products facilitate better hydration?
  • Does good hydration help alleviate symptoms of diseases?

    Does good hydration improve:

    • Mental clarity?
      Make us look younger?
    • Body weight?

For more information about the Aquas visit: https://www.aquas.us

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