I Want My Life Back

I remember going to Parkinson’s support groups and they would have guest speakers come in.  Some of these speakers would be therapists. They would tell you, you have to learn to accept your disease and you have to learn to accept your life the way it is. Grow from there. Develop from there. Learn new skills. I would raise my hand and say, “I will never accept this disease.”  I’m looking at this guy, like he’s got four eyes; it’s like, “Are you nuts? I want my life back! I really do, I want my life back and to tell me to accept it is not helping me, just tell me how to get out of this!”  That’s just my mindset about this whole thing. 


Click on the purple arrow to hear Cheryl on Parkinsons Recovery Radio:

Clip from Cheryl on Parkinsons Recovery Radio

Cheryl is one of the eleven contributors to Pioneers of Recovery 2012.

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