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I surely appreciate all the info I receive from you regarding PD, however, it now has become overwhelming due to emails “everyday” from you. It now has a negative effect because it reminds me “every single day” that I have PD. I need a stretch of days where I can enjoy that time not being reminded constantly that I am living with PD. Don’t get me wrong, you are providing a wonderful site and I am grateful for your dedication but I just need those few days without the reminder.

Thank you & be well.



I have been perplexed about this issue too recently. When I do not send an e mail out every day, people write and tell me that they miss it. When I do send out emails daily, some people unsubscribe to the e-mails because they are overwhelmed with too much information. In light of your input, I will reduce the sending frequency and see if I can hit a middle point.

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I know many other people who are dragged down into a ditch of depression when they connect themselves with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. When this thought form space is visited, it connects you with the belief that recovery is impossible.

My suggestion is to challenge this belief that you probably hold (along with millions of others). Think of the symptoms as messages your body sends about certain imbalances in your body that merit attention. The symptoms are information that can help you figure out what is needed to bring your body back into balance.

At the core of all symptoms are seed thoughts that feed the symptoms. A big part of returning to balance is to release, remove, eject and shield yourself from holding the negative seed thought that you have “   ” disease which means you are destined to get “progressively worse.”

It is not true. When we believe it is true, the thought will manifest. When we hold the belief that recovery is possible, symptoms dissolve in their own way and time.

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