Mantras for Health

Thanks for all you do in educating us about Parkinson’s.  Here’s some positive quotes I tell myself everyday:

  1. I’m going to beat the snot out of this puppy.
  2. I won’t need no stinkin’ wheelchair or walker.
  3. Stem cell research WILL find a cure in my lifetime.
  4. Drugs are good.
  5. I thank God everyday for having chosen me to have Parkinson’s.  Hey, 1 out of 100..I’m pretty special!
  6. Michael J. Fox and Dr. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.  are our champions!
  7. I’m proud to be a Parkie.
  8. Buttons suck!  Use Velcro!
  9. A dulled sense of smell can be a very good thing in a crowded elevator!
  10. I am here for a purpose..God is great!


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