Exciting News about Recovery Progress

What follows is a letter which reports exciting progress of recovery that I have permission to post.  This letter was a most wonderful and very unexpected birthday present that I received several days ago.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

I just wanted to share with you that my neurologist was completely impressed with your website. We went online during my appt. and I told him you had offered a free membership and he said he would be contacting you.

He is awesome- absolutely the most open M.D. I have ever met. I said you weren’t saying that this was a cure for parkinsons, but that you were saying a person could become symptom free and he said,

“Yes you can!”

He mentioned that many of his patients ask him what they can do to reduce symptoms and he tells them good nutrition, exercise, meditate, etc. That is the beauty of your site. You have done all the work and a wonderful job organizing everything — all we have to do is turn the computer on! The first thing he said to me is,

“Have you been working out a lot? You look great!”

That felt really good. I have made vast improvements in such a short time. However, I need to keep working hard and reduce my meds more as I am having a lot of very restricting dyskinesia again – that is my signal to reduce. My doctor was also impressed with my med reduction. I have totally eliminated 3 drugs and reduced one, I have cut my l-dopa (mucuna) dose by 50% 1st than another 25% of that and now it’s time again. I just want to thank you for all that you have done and are doing- remember to take a break sometime!



One thought on “Exciting News about Recovery Progress

  1. Dear Turtle
    I would love to know over what time period did you reduce your meds….and when did you know is was okay to reduce the meds and by how much did you wean down at one time? I am on 200mg levodopa /50mg carbidopa three times a day and 2 mg of ropinirole 3 times a day.
    I will also be starting macuna tincture soon, how do I take that with my levodopa?
    Thank you so so much for any feedback
    sincerely and with kindness
    Ps I would love to speak to you if at all possible, as I feel you may have the answers to my ever needed inspiration my number is 705-522-4634 if you are comfortable with talking

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