L-Tyrosine Treatment for Parkinsons Symptoms

Have you had any experience with taking L-tyrosine and if so in what doses?

Are there any resources or people that I could contact?

Thank you



This question is clearly a question for readers out there.  Who has had  experience taking L-tyrosine? Please comment on your experience.

Marty Hines, MD, has been researching the relationship between amino acids and Parkinson’s symptoms for many years. He trains other doctors in administering amino acid therapy to help provide symptomatic relief for persons with Parkinson’s Disease.

It is my understanding from talking with one of his clinic staff members that this particular amino acid treatment protocol requires weekly monitoring through urine tests and regular adjustments of amino acid doses that are administered.  Apparently it is not a treatment that can be administered without close and continuous supervision by a medical doctor.

You can read Dr. Hines’ research on amino acid therapy to treat Parkinson’s symptoms by visiting the website listed below:


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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