Sleep Disorder with Parkinson’s

I have been dealing with Parkinson’s for 2 years. Last December right after Christmas I took a nap at the kitchen table and my family could not wake me up. They said I slept for 15 minutes. They called EMT. This has been going on at least once a month or twice sometimes.

I was admitted in the hospital twice but no one cannot find the cause.  Please help.  My wife is losing her mind.  




What a challenge you and your family are currently encountering!  Your sixty-four thousand dollar question is:

Why in the world is this strange thing happening to you?

The leading question I would ask you to consider is:

What has changed recently in your life?

Have you begun any new medications? Has there been unusual stress in your life? The answer to this question – whatever it might be – may suggest a reason why this is now happening to you.

At a minimum I suggest you carefully review the side effects of any and all medications you currently take. The symptom you describe sounds to me like a possible side effect of a medication. If this turns out to be true, you can explore substitute medications in consultation with your doctor or entertain another solution to address the symptom that the medication was intended to address.

Perhaps the sleep problem is not due to the side effects of medications. What then? You have already had two extensive check ups at the hospital with no resolution and no insight into what is happening here. I suggest that it is now time to consider other alternatives.

One possible diagnostic option is to take advantage of the Free Happy Hour offered by Sound Health Options. Every two weeks, Sharry Edwards offers free diagnostic services using Bioacoustic voice profiling. I suspect the underlying source of the imbalance could be identified with a Bioacoustic analysis of your voice and set you on a course of recovery to the relief of  you and your entire family.

Another alternative is to attend the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Cincinnati this summer. Parkinsons Recovery is convening the 2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit June 22 and 23 which will assemble practitioners from many different modalities. You might well succeed in finding a solution to the problem by consulting with one of the health care practitioners who will provide consultations at the Summit.

My guess is that you are deficient in one or more substance the body needs to maintain balance. Once you know the source of the imbalance, you can help your body come back into balance through diet and taking the specific supplements your body needs right now.

Robert Rodgers
Pioneers of Recovery


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