Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s Disease


I was tested and treated for Lyme disease (including intravenously) 3 times last year. In January 2010, I was diagnosed with PD.

Have you seen the same thing with many of your bloggers?



There is a strong connection between the symptoms associated with Lyme disease and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Many people are mis-diagnosed with Parkinson’s. They actually have the bacterial infection that causes Lyme disease.

Most of the cases involve a process that is reversed from yours. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s is given. No treatments seem to help. The person searches for other solutions. They eventually discover that they have Lyme disease, not Parkinson’s.

Your question elicits a larger issue. I believe that many of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s are actually caused by bacterial infections. Lyme is only one of the culprits. Some of the bacteria do not have cell walls and thus defy detection by standard diagnostic tests.

If you had three separate treatments last year, you must have a deep respect for the resiliency of the Lyme infection. It is only one of hundreds that can create havoc in the neurological system. Most bacterial infections these days are very difficult to treat successfully.

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3 thoughts on “Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Boy, a tough one! Had 3 blood tests in 2 states– All with Lyme markers from farm exposure—and then— Doctors in 2 states totally different evaluations–oh no- blood tests only 50% reliable– some said yes -the others said you have the onset of
    parkinsons– Big help–seems like the MD profession these days is a symptom referral service- Go figure- My mobility is shot for several “symptom” issues. Totally frustrated- Stress enters the picture

  2. This certainly is frustrating. Doctors sometimes disagree over a diagnosis and treatment.

    I would recommend you approach this in a different way. Naturopath doctors set aside a diagnosis
    and focus on supporting the body’s ability to heal from the inside out. There are functional medical
    MD doctors who approach medicine similarly.

    Check around your community to see if you can find a naturopath ND doctor or functional medicine
    MD doctor who might provide help without seeing you. Some doctors will off this service
    during the virus challenges we are having at present which is locking down most of us.

    Call or email me if you would like help locating a naturopath.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  3. I have serious tremors in my hands and in other parts of my body. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but the regular carvedopa/levadopa medication does not help, so I’m thinking I might have Lymes, This wouldn’t be surprising because I live on Deer Run Drive, in PA and have many deer on our property. I’m going to get a consultation with an internist who is an expert in Lymes, to try to get to the bottom of this. Anyone else have this problem? Alice Karamanol

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