Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s


I found the source of my inflammation.

I started to see a new MD/ ND. She tested me for Lyme Disease. I have it and have had it for years. My immune system is on overload and my body is breaking down.

I start treatment for the Lyme disease tomorrow.

My belief is that through cleansing the Lyme disease, I can drop the inflammation and recover.

I have had Lyme Disease for 7 years and none of my PD specialists even looked for it.

Everyone should get tested

I am going to heal rebuild and recover, Robert!


13 thoughts on “Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s

  1. Chris, how’s it going?

    I am 44 years old, and have had Parkinson’s -like symptoms for about 20 months now. I was officially diagnosed by the Emory clinic here in Atlanta in April 2015 as having Parkinson’s disease.

    My interest is definitely piqued in Lyme, as over the course of the last five or six years I have had no fewer than eight bug/spider bites appear in various locations around my body, all requiring medical attention, including in all cases antibiotics.

    My Emory clinic physician seems to scratch his head every time I come in for consultation. I don’t seem to be getting markedly worse, and in fact during a recent visit was noted to have improved since April. The physician attributed it to my healthy eating, and seven day a week intense exercise regime (I’m a road cyclist athlete). But even still, he seems bewildered about my lack of Parkinson’s traits, and improvement.

    I just keep going back to having been bit numerous times by “something.” I wonder if one of those bites was a deer tick? Maybe I don’t have Parkinson’s disease at all?

  2. Chris and Scott,
    Both your posts ring true to me too.
    I was diagnosed a year ago. Going now to a naturopathic doctor. Wait came up
    initially through bio energetic testing was candida. The theory is to detox first. So cleaning out all the yeast and when she tested me 6 weeks later, the next layer appeared…Lyme! I was in shock. I was never bitten by a tick, however, I remember like it was today…about 6 years ago, I had a huge bullseye bite on my leg, and I know it was a spider that I saw in my house a few days before. What I have learned is Lyme imitates Parkinson’s. And on top of it all, you get co-infections…yeast being one of them. My immune system was strong as well, and the Park symptoms only reared it’s ugly head during a high stress time in my life. They call in Neuro Lyme. If any of you read this, can you please get in touch with me at my email address. Thanks!

  3. Hi marsha, my father has pd for six years and recently tested for lyme which came back positive. Did you treat your lyme desease? Did the Parkinson’s get better or worse?

  4. Judy,
    Just saw this. Recently, i was treated by a naturopath, and she was actually the one who tested me and diagnosed it as Lyme Disease induced Parkinsonism.
    So, my strength and inflammation have gotten better, however, I need to go to another doctor who is a specialist on the phenomena where the Lyme mimics Park. There are other causes as well, namely co-infections like Candida and Bartonella. I have both.
    I am looking in my area (los angeles) for a lyme literate doc, and/or alternative.functional doctor who gets great results from their protocols. I think you have to go after the Lyme which is generating the symptoms of Park. Good luck with your father.

  5. Marsha,
    My father had Lymes and several years later he was diagnosed with PD. He was in his 80’s. I never made the connection until I too, was diagnosed with Parkinsonism and Lyme’s. I am in my 50’s. I have been treated with intraveneous IV. My symptoms went away, but have returned over a couple of months. My ID doctor said their was nothing more he could do. I am now searching for a Dr who will treat me.

  6. Julie,
    I found 2 doctors here in Los Angeles, who focus on all this. They are complementary which means they have a MD. yet use alternative treatments as well. I think that’s my best bet. After I was diagnosed in Jan. of ’15, I did a massive amount of research, and came up with Dr. Rodgers right here. I think he is one of the foremost experts on all things Parkinson’s and his info delves deep into reversing symptoms using alternative/natural protocols. Have you listened to his web show’s interviewing hundreds of people who have improved, reduced, even completely reversed their symptoms? Worth listening to. Good luck!


  7. Hi Marsha,
    I also have been fighting lyme and parkinsons for 6 yrs. I live in Los Angeles and you said that you know of two good doctors here. Please tell me their first and last names.

  8. My father was diagnosed with PD 5yrs ago and has been going through hell with the levodopa medication. If he doesn’t take it he’s stiff as a board and can’t move, when he takes it he can’t walk, he shuffles across the room nearly falling with every step.
    We just heard about this lyme possibility today. My brother remembers his symptoms beginning with stiff jaw and numbness in the jaw, and a stiff neck.
    I’m wondering Is it too late to be tested for lyme

  9. Hi there I wàs diagnosed with parkiñsoñ 2 years àgo and then last year I was diagñosed with lyme

  10. My husband went from having absolutely no symptoms in July 2016 to what would be considered stage 3 Parkinson’s in January 2017. We had western blot test performed in December of 2016 and because only one marker returned positive we were told it was not Lyme. We live in TX and were put in touch with a wonderful Lyme literate doctor in SFO. The journey and costs are extensive but the doctors here do not want to even consider that it might be Lyme. Even the movement specialist that we still visit, is extremely discouraging. In June he finally started IV therapy and is expected to be on them for a minimum of three months.

    For those of you being (or have been) treated, can you provide some insight on your road to recovery? I am doing everything to be the strong one for husband through this horrible ordeal but it is extremely difficult. I know that it has been only a short time and I do see improvements with his cognitive abilities but physically, there are days that he is much worse than before we began this endeavor. Sometimes it feels almost hopeless. He is 37. We had our first child in July of 2016. The day she was born is the day I remember him having the “summer flu”, never a bulls eye.

    Basically, I am looking for a little hope.

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