Mind Versus Body

I have a holiday gift for you – a mind versus body poem. When symptoms are unrelenting it is easy to feel at odds with your body. It becomes a Mind Versus Body War. My poem was inspired by this understandable dichotomy between the “you” of the body and the “I”of the mind.

Body Talk
Robert Rodgers

Just as you twitch and flutter out of control
  So I too am lost and restless

Just as you freeze without warning
  So I too am stuck in a lifeless glob of concrete

Just as you talk in a silent whisper
  So I too think thoughts that are timid

Just as you soak my shirt with sweat and wet
  So I too am drenched with the tears of trauma

Just as you wear a mask on your face
  So I too mask my full power

Just as you swallow food with gargles and coughs
  So I too find my sorrow and grief hard to swallow

Just as you endure pain that never forgives
  So I too endure the relentless pain of heartache and regret

Just as you flop and flutter from one step to the next
  So I too rattle thoughts through my rusty hamster wheel

Just as you are tormented by confusion and forgetfulness
  So I too puzzle over what step to take next  

 Just as you collapse to the ground without a heads up
  So I too give up and give out with my head down

Just as you are numb to the pleasures of life
  So I too reject its deliciousness

There is you see only one solution
One road to recovery
One path to health
For you and for me  
We must become one you and I
For I am just like you.

© Robert Rodgers

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington

P.S. For a little holiday entertainment read my most recent short story, The Old Geezer:   www.robertrodgers.com



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