Natural Cures for Insomnia

Having difficulty sleeping? No one approach for getting a good night’s sleep will work for everyone. Here are four natural cures for insomnia that you might consider giving a trial run. I have a strong hunch that one of the four natural cures for insomnia will work beautifully for you. Why not try them all and see which one works best?

  1. Focus on your breath. Breath in for five seconds. Hold your breath for one second and breath out for 5 seconds. Change the time you count to match your comfort level. The rhythm of the breath will quietly sink the tissues of your body into a relaxed state and quiet your busy mind from rattling off babble that does you, your family or your friends no good whatsoever.
  2. Formulate lists based on totally arbitrary criteria. The idea here is not to make lists of tasks you need to accomplish the following day. Making task lists will just keep you wide awake. Rather, formulate lists based on criteria you create for that night. For example, make a list in your head of red foods or animals with long legs or states that grow corn or words that have the letter z. You get the point – send you mind working on random tasks that call your subconscious away from activating worries that keep you awake. Change the task each night. This really does work folks.
  3. Imagine having an experience that is sensually pleasing. The experience of course will differ from person to person. Perhaps you need to float on the warms waters of a Miami beach or meditate on top of Mount Ranier or hike through the ancient forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains or walk barefoot on the warm sand of a Puerto Rico beach. Perhaps you need to fly above the clouds in your imagination or simply sit on top of a cloud. Everyone has their own special place where they feel totally relaxed and comfortable. Go to that place when you are ready to sleep. Enjoy the fantasy. Notice how easy it becomes to sink into a cozy place of deep sleep and relaxation. Celebrate how quickly you sink into a deep sleep.
  4. Tense up, then relax each of your muscle groups. This is a relaxation approach I have personally used with great success since I was a teenager. I tense up my muscles (starting from my left calf) for 5 seconds, then relax them. I do this will all the muscle groups up my body from my feet to my head. It really helps to tense up the muscles in my face since those particular muscles are always tense (from babbling too much I suspect). Once the muscles in your body become fully relaxed, your mind will switch off worrisome thoughts and fears.

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