Treatment for Parkinson’s: Natural. Safe. No Side Effects. You are in Control.

Treatment for Parkinson’s

 I receive the following question every day: “What is the best treatment for Parkinson’s”?
The truthful answer is that the best treatment for Parkinson’s depends on what
is causing the symptoms. There is one treatment for Parkinson’s, however, that
promises to result in positive gains on some level:Transformation of beliefs
about healing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


I have permission to share the following essay which speaks to the core of this issue.
It was written by Rev. Eva Gabrielle. In my view the essay is well worth copying and posting in a place that you see every day as a reminder of the important role beliefs
play in our healing.


“Illness is a curious thing. We can die from it, or learn to live through it.

You may think me crazy, but I think we pick our illnesses. We choose to slowly exit, or stay and learn how to live well.

I am choosing how to live well. Some day I will be done with PD, I will declare I am well and say I was cured by this or that.

Belief is what cures us anyway. We may take the best supplements and medicines in the world, but if we do not believe we can be healed, we won’t be. On the other hand, we may chant for 3 years off and on, decide we are cured and we are because we believe we are.

Or eat chocolate ants, and declare ourselves cured. Then we can write a book about it. People will eat chocolate ants and still be sick. Because of that they will declare you a fraud.

Look at how many people have gone after John Pepper!!

I was a New Thought minister for 24 years. Unity minister. I taught Science of mind and how to work it. It continues to be a fascinating study and experiment. I don’t have any sculptures nor painting to show for my work, but I know I have touched people’s hearts.

I am getting bored with having PD. I don’t want to go to doctors anymore.I really don’t want to take meds for it. But I am afraid to quit carb/leva 10/1000 x4 a day.

Rev. Eva Gabrielle

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