Constipation Treatments


You know, your writings simply amaze me.
I am suffering from my PD, but still
unmedicated. But it’s getting me down
quite seriously, and I need to find some
relief from what’s happening.

Your article on constipation was quite
interesting, especially since a good BM is
about the only thing that gives me a bit
of some sort of relief. I am constipated
nearly all the time now, and the stools
are definitely not dark brown, and they
are huge in size. My doctor has me on 4
Ultra Meg (2 in morning, 2 evening) but
they are not doing the job, so I take a
couple of ExLax too, and some coarse
Metamucial, finally getting a BM to occur.

My body is definitely suffering from a
nutrient deficiency. My muscles are atrophying.
It makes no difference if I try to build
them up or not. This atrophying has been
going on for years, way before PD tremors



Constipation is certainly “in your face”
right now. Great! Your body is giving you
rich information about what it needs to
recover and move on to the next stage.

There is a quick, temporary fix which
involves taking generous doses of vitamin C.
This certainly works miracles for me with
this problem. I suggest that you do not
rely on vitamin C in pill form, but consider
the options of other delivery forms.
I take vitamin C in a concentrated powder

Vitamin C is an anti-oxident, so taking
generous doses works miracles for other
reasons. Consult with a knowledgeable
nutritional counselor to make sure you do
not take too little or too much.

There is also a long term fix. Your body is
sending you strong signals that the food you
are eating is problematic. If the body likes
the food we give it, the food goes down easily
and comfortably. It also exits smoothly and
without complication or pain.

You may very well be allergic to some of the
food you eat. A smart place to look is to
consider the possibility that foods
you have eaten your entire life (perhaps
dairy or wheat or potatoes or who knows what)
are creating strong allergic reactions. Such
problems may not have been present at an earlier
age, but they inevitably intensify as we age.

Out vitality and energy is derived from
live food, not from dead food. Most of
the packaged and processed foods found in a
typical grocery store has no life in it

I am going to be bold in my following
assertion, but I know it is dead right
(like the pun?).

Begin ingesting live food every day.
You will get relief from constipation.
You will begin to feel better.

Oh, and this promise comes with a life time

How long does it take to begin feeling better
after you begin to eat live food? It could be
weeks or months, but I personally detect a marked
shift in my own energy a few hours after eating
live food. Instead of working 8 hours a day, I
am able to work 14 hours! Now that is a difference
that makes a difference.

How do you find fresh food in the winter time?
Try your local food coop. I purchase fresh
vegetables at the local food co-op and juice them
as often as possible. My rule is to purchase fresh
vegetables that have as many different colors as
possible. Some stores will also juice veggies for
you which is very convenient.

Once you begin eating live food on a regular basis
you will not have to use any other aids to
relieve the constipation. The body can resolve
the problem of constipation, but you have
to give it a little help to heal. The solutions
will only have staying power if you make it a habit
to eat live food every day and stop eating foods
you are allergic to.

The muscle weakness may be related to a protein
deficiency. A consultation with a nutritional
counselor might be very helpful with your
present challenge.

May you be free of constipation agony soon and
feeling better and better every day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2016 Parkinsons Recovery

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