Overwhelmed by the Dozens of Natural Options that Make Recovery Possible?

The good news is that dozens of natural therapies offer relief from Parkinson’s symptoms. When I launched my search in 2004, I thought there would be a handful. How wrong I was!

The bad news is that the multitude of options have created serious problems for people searching for solutions to their symptoms. It is nearly impossible to wade through the 270 replays of my radio show interviews to find therapies that can help, much less the hundreds of posts on my blog.

Many people begin a search for solutions to their symptoms but are overwhelmed by the massive body of resources I have created.

I have now solved this problem by creating a series of online courses focused on specific symptoms and themes. Instant access to the content is available when you register.

Visit the Parkinsons Recovery page listed below for information about each online course.


Olympia, Washington

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