Parkinson’s Plus


I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2002. 
In 2006 I was told that I probably had
Parkinsons+ or CBD.  Since then neurologists
have no suggestions for help with CBD. 

I wondered if you knew of anything being
used for Parkinsons+.


Your question is the perfect question for
a medical doctor who is trained in a two
step process for treating disease. First,
the condition is given a diagnosis. Second,
the diagnosis informs a treatment (though
in this case the neurologists do not have
anything to follow-up with).

Medical doctors have to be very concerned
about following this protocol or else they
could be sued if something goes wrong.
I am not a medical doctor (I am a researcher),
so I have the latitude of thinking about
the problem differently.

At Parkinsons Recovery I propose a different
model to follow, a model of wellness. The
argument that underpins everything I am
writing about and everything I am discovering
in my research is that the body has an inherent
wisdom to heal.

If there are symptoms, then the body is simply
giving us valuable information about an imbalance;
Perhaps too much stress in your life, perhaps
too much trauma, perhaps too many toxins.
Something is out of balance or overtaxed.

Some people choose to respond to troubling
symptoms by covering them up, numbing them
or otherwise killing them in some fashion or another.

I say – let the symptoms roll on. They are giving
us valuable information about what is up.

With my approach, there is no emphasis on the
disease state. The name is inconsequential –
Parkinson’s, Parkinsons +, MSA – it is of no
consequence. Rather, the focus is on giving the
body what it needs to become healthy. I
propose a positive mind set rather than a
negative mind set.

The bottom line is that if you follow the
traditional disease model, here is what happens:

(1) You receive a diagnosis (and I certainly have
no doubt in your case but that the diagnosis
is sound)

(2) You discover little or nothing can be done
for this particular “disease.”

(3) You get depressed, crawl into a hole and
wait to feel worse.

Using my approach, the sequence is dramatically

(1) You receive information from your body
that something is out of balance (perhaps
there is a nutritional deficiency, perhaps
the stress hormones are overpowering everything
in your body, perhaps your elimination organs
can not handle the heavy traffic of toxins, etc.)

(2) You discover through your own research that
there are hundreds of options for addressing the

(3) You start experimenting with one approeach or
another and determine what works for you.

(4) You become hopeful, launch out into the world
and begin feeling better.

I prefer the second approach, but I am a little

Where do you find out about the hundreds of
options? One place is Parkinsons Recovery.
I interview people every week who have the
most interesting and helpful suggestions for
treatments. I have been overwhelmed by the
number of therapies and approaches people have
tried that are helping.  

The fun part is to review the options and
determine which ones you want to try on for
size. Keep experiementing and you will find
therapies that will help give relief from

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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