Treatments for Tremors


What are some treatments which relieve tremors?



I am very hesitant to provide a listing of all the treatments and therapies people have told me help to relieve their tremors. Why? After all – putting out such as list would impress everyone, wouldn’t? This guy has great suggestions people would say. Well – maybe.

I do offer suggestions in my books by way of reference, but the problem I have with providing specifics is that I know little about your actual situation. The question itself hits up against the strategy of masking symptoms rather than identifying the root cause.

When there are tremors – as in your case – your body is sending you a strong message that something is seriously out of balance. Perhaps the imbalance involves exposure to toxins. Perhaps it involves a past trauma that is unresolved. Perhaps it involves living a stressful life that offers your body little relief from a continuous adrenaline rush. Perhaps it is due to an insufficiency of certain substances the body needs to create energy.  There is a long list of possible causes.

I think the better questions to ask first are:

  • Why is my body sending me this strong signal?
  • What is causing my body to react as it is reacting now?

There are indeed a long list of possible answers to these  questions. How do you find the answers to these questions?

A variety of assessments are available to you that can provide rich information about any and all imbalances in your body. These include (among others) bioenergetic testing, saliva tests, voice analysis, hair analysis to ascertain the presence of toxins and a wide variety of standard medical tests.

Health care practitioners have creative ways of ascertaining the root cause using muscle testing. We teach people how to use muscle testing at our Jump Start to Wellness programs because it is an approach that requires no cost to you.

In summary, I would say in response to your question that yes – it is certainly possible to mask a tremor with a wide variety of approaches including prescription medications, natural herbs and exercise.  With most such treatments (other than exercise)  more and more dosage is needed over time to get the same effect. You ultimately wind up creating more problems for yourself as the imbalances become more pronounced.

Why not ask a different set of questions here?

What is the underlying cause here?

What is my body telling me in the moment?

Once you figure out the answer to these questions you can find  a treatment or therapy that will address the cause. With this approach masking the tremor becomes irrelevant.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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